Monday, October 6, 2014

How I survived the 1st trimester

When I thought I was pregnant and got a "negative" test I just decided I must have been dying. After days of feeling this way I took another one (a different brand) and it was positive, and I realized there was actually a reason to be feeling this horrible. With Easton I felt completely normal for the first 9 weeks and almost didn't believe I was pregnant. This was the opposite, I didn't believe I wasn't pregnant and I was right! Maybe it's girl versus boy? 

Just like the last pregnancy I am swearing by Mustela cream to prevent stretch marks. Now being further along I do Mustela in the morning and Palmers in the evening. After going all first pregnancy without a pregnancy pillow, I bit the dust early and bought one! Since I am a horrible water drinker, I figured it would be easier with a cute tumbler, and I was right. With the help of zofran I was able to leave the house…and I couldn't leave the house without it! I made it the whole time with Easton without taking anything, but this time was no joke!

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