Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Arizona Vacation (part 1)

A couple of weeks ago we road tripped to Tucker's aunts family home in Arizona. Although the Dr. did not "recommend" a 7 hour road trip at 34 weeks pregnant, she kinda understood that I was going and would be careful. We had been talking to Easton about this vacation for weeks and he was so excited to go, and so were we!
We decided to leave at 5 a.m. so that Easton could sleep part of the way, since we knew we would have to stop many times for this preggo mama, making our 7 hour trip into more like 8 or 9. The second Easton saw the car packed and ready at 5 a.m. he screamed with joy "vacation" and was wide awake…luckily we made record time and he was a champ for the car ride!

 The cutest little stud muffin you ever did see.
 He was so happy to see the chickens…the chickens were not so happy to see him! He couldn't quite contain his excitement in his voice or his movements, which seems to scare them a bit. 

 Tucker's aunt would either leave or put eggs out each morning so he could go get them from the chicken coup…pretty amazing!

And of course he got to ride "the motorcycle" and his little hands were freezing, but he didn't care one bit!

Pure joy for both my boys
And all this fun was accomplished day 1...

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