Friday, December 5, 2014

5 on Friday

1. Our family got a little big bigger and a whole lot sweeter this week! My niece was born and we are so in love. She is beautiful!

2. Online Christmas Shopping and Deals. I am oh so thankful for the wonderful service on online shopping this time of year. Being 9 1/2 months pregnant and being on "modified bed rest" during black Friday deals with a  2 year old makes Christmas shopping nearly impossible. But this year all the stores basically had the same deals online and free shipping! I scored these adorable pillows for our couch from west elm.

 3. Had to share this. When I was told by my Doctor last week that I shouldn't be doing "any house work or walking and should take it very easy" due to low amniotic fluid levels, I wondered how it would work. Well here it is. Attempting to side lay on the couch while being climbed on by a ninja turtle. Bedrest = impossible!

4.  This weekend I hope to continue doing some decorating! Hopefully Easton loves his felt tree as much as he did last year (or more). 

5.  Although Santa has been sitting in the mall for weeks…I am not sure that we want to tell him what we want for Christmas after last year : /


  1. Okay little mama ---- you deserve ALL the awards! Bed rest at 9+ months preggo with a toddler????? That should be illegal!! Prayers for you and that cutie on the way!

    And I love the felt tree....our little guy is obsessed with his (and I love it because it keeps him occupied for more than 3 seconds)!

    Happy Friday!!!!!

  2. Love the felt tree and the little mans picture with Santa.. Can't wait to see what my lil mini does.. Happy Friday
    Chelsea @