Thursday, August 7, 2014

Today my Baby is 2

I'm not really sure how this has happened. But our baby boy is 2 years old today, say wha?

 He learned to remove every single bowl, cup, utensil or plate from his cabinet.

He learned to do his morning stretches with gramma and can "reach for the sky, the ground, to the right and to the left".

 He flew across country twice to visit his relatives in New England. 

 Got his hair cut once and then his Mama took over. $24 for a toddler cut? 

 Hated taking pictures with Santa. 

 Went to Hawaii and drove a Jeep.

Got into a lot of mischief! 

This little guy has made the last year so much fun! He is a constant mover and talker. He eats like a garbage disposable most of the time, he sleeps all night long, he loves his pups and his family. He loves  animals, trains and trucks. Can't wait for his party this weekend!

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