Friday, August 15, 2014

Choo Choo 2nd Birthday

Choo Choo Easton turned 2!

Our little and growing family.  

This past weekend we a had a little 2nd birthday party for E! I whipped up some DIY projects (and delegated some tasks to family : )) and this is what we came up with!

Just like a did with Easton's first birthday I filled out a chalk board for his memory book. I found free printable thank you tags and cupcake toppers. For the cupcake toppers I just printed, cut and glued to a cake pop stick.
What is a party without balloons and what 2 year old is obsessed with them? I used some construction paper to make railroad crossing signs and cut out a little banner for the "present wagon". I asked my Mama to cut the water melon and this is what she brought…isn't she amazing?
A recent birthday party I attended had a balloon wreath and I thought how perfect are they for kids parities? With the help of walmart balloons, pins and some construction paper…my first balloon wreath! I went to Joann Fabrics during their sale and purchased some fabric and ribbon and so nicely asked my personal banner maker (Easton's Gramma) to whip some up!

 Some funfetti cake mix and a choo choo on top…a 2 year old boys dream…obviously!

Since this guy made his debut in the hottest month of the year…we will have to have water activities for his birthdays…who knew how quickly 250 water balloons would go! He LOVED this part!


  1. so adorable! everything looks so amazing!

  2. so much fun! you did an awesome job with the decor. I love that little 2 year old :)