Monday, July 28, 2014

Packing for your "lap infant"

How we manage Flying across country

Currently I am on the East Coast with my almost 2 year old. This will be his 7th round-trip flight as a "lap infant". Each time has had its own challenges. At this age, I would say my goal is to prevent a tantrum and keep him busy and happy the entire 6 hours of flight. Little does he know, he can get away with almost anything while up in the air. 

From my experience the best airline to fly with a lap infant is by far Jetblue. The extra space, the free first checked bag, the fact that you can bring a diaper bag, stroller, and carseat for free, need I go on?

Above are the essentials, and each flight I have learned to add something. For instance, on our way home from Hawaii when Easton went #2 and it leaked through his clothes...where does one put the sh** soaked clothes? A plastic bag of course! Well, I have added that in preparation this time.

1. Plenty of diapers
2. Travel wipes
3. Wet ones to clean nasty surfaces and germy hands
4. A disposable changing pad
5. Extra clothes (really should pack for everyone involved. Ever been peed on mid flight? I have.)
6. Books
7. Stickers.
8. Disposable placemats
9. Food
10. Ipad (unpictured). with newly downloaded apps and disney junior episodes.

I don't bring my diaper bag at this point in life. While crammed in an airplan seat with an almost 2 year old on your lap you need easy access, a large bag with a large opening and lots of pockets to organize!

With the beauty of a free checked bag on Jetblue, I pack our things together! He gets his small half and I get the rest of the space! I used to try and get by with minimal outfits and then realized how often toddlers spill and go to the bathroom. At least 1 outfit per day!

*At this point I am already well into my vacation, so lets hope the flight preparation worked and we have enough clothes!

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