Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Hunt

Like I have realized with all the Holidays since Easton has arrived, they are much more fun with a little one around! We ate lots, opened Easter baskets, enjoyed each other and some of us thought about what Easter means to us and were thankful for that and others celebrated the Easter Bunny! Either way today was a success and was great to spend time with the family!

 Easton's favorite part of his Easter basket was having a taste of each item, whether it be a shoe, a tie, a bunny rabbit, a bathing suit or food... he loved it all! He was a little too excited for his Easter egg hunt so he wanted to skip his nap (or at least that is what I convinced myself when he wasn't napping)

Once he saw the eggs on the grass...the hunt was on. He sat for a while and pondered how to reach the eggs and then crawled over, picked them up and was in heaven! He was happy with his empty eggs and all the excitement lead to his midday nap! And P.S. if you think this is picture overload of the have no idea how many more I could add : )


  1. So cute!! I love his outfit! and yours!

  2. so much fun! you're right, I don't know how we entertained ourselves before he was around, haha.