Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy 1/2 year to Easton

Easton was 6 months as of February 7th...opps! Maybe if I delay doctors appointments and blog updates time with stand still? I guess not, I guess he is actually almost 7 months and I am just getting to the 6 month tasks! Maybe Ill be better on the next month update!
 At 6 months Easton eats 2 solid meals a day. Breakfast mostly consists of oatmeal and a fruit and dinner is a vegetable and oatmeal. He nurses every 4 hours during the day and on a good night wakes up once to eat...we wont speak of the other nights! He takes 3 mini naps a day. My friends and family now realize what I mean when I say the boy doesn't sleep long! His bedtime is 8 pm and bedtime is a strict routine and he does great with it! At 6 months on our home scale he is 17 lbs and wears very few 3-6 month onesies, mostly 6 month clothes and 9 month jammies! He has perfected sitting, rolls faster than I can keep track of, facetimes daily, and absolutely loves when his daddy gets home from work!
Better late than never...


  1. I can't believe he's almost 7 months! I love the updates.

  2. oh my i wish there was a "love" button on this post. I love my little boy so much and yes I, too, can't believe he is almost 7 months. Time flies! But i have so enjoyed the past 7 months and look forward to all the ones to come. I love you baby E!