Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A little spray paint and hallway addition!

Once we got our wood floors installed (update will come on that later) all I could notice was that we had bright gold knobs all over our house! So of course I start blog stalking to find ways to transform door knobs without spending too much mula! That's when I came across the idea to spray paint my already existing knobs! I spent about $4.00 at Walmart, removed the knobs, sanded, spray and that's it, so easy!

brushed bronze

My parents gave us this hallway table


  1. Love the blog updates! The house is amazing looking!!! Love you! Lindsey (ur cousin shah)

  2. I LOVE using spray paint to transform things. Maybe I will post my own project with it tomorrow. Your handles are great - expensive and clean looking!

  3. We got married in July 2010 also and bought our first house together too. We are getting hardwoods soon. What a great idea for those knobs. They look great.