Friday, September 16, 2011

Bathroom Update!

Thank goodness for handy husbands! We were finally able to get rid the carpet in our master bathroom...who puts carpet in a bathroom to begin with? We now have stone floors!
carpeted bathroom

Travertine floors

Harley loves the new floors!

Mini picture wall

Photos of the Colosseum in Rome, Us in Colorado and then a picture of the chandelier at our wedding!

Best Dirt Devil to keep things clean in the bathroom!
Up next I hope to frame the mirror, get new bath mats/towels/etc and put some shelving above the master bath!


  1. Bathroom carpet is definitely a no go. Te floors look good. We are considering travertine or tile for our bathroom floors. Your bathroom vanity looks so similar to ours! Oh, and we have an unframed bathroom mirror too. I'll be interested to find out how to go about that.

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