Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yup, that's right! Those kitchen cabinets are painted!
Our little big weekend project is complete! We have been debating on how we are going to re-do our kitchen! Of course we purchased this house because we didn't have to re-do anything...but my husband married a "home improvement" fanatic! We have been debating on having someone re- stain the cabinets, or replace the cabinets, or doing them ourselves. We of course chose the "DIY" option. Our first step to our kitchen flip was to get rid of those maple cabinets! We purchased the "cabinet transformations" kit for $120 and started painting! Now we  need to splurge on...floors, counters, appliances etc.
Our "maple" Cabinets
So Called..."Upgraded Fixtures"

Adding Moulding

Painting Progress
Floors in Progress
New Fixtures
Counters in Progress

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  1. I love how your kitchen came out!