Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Little Love on Tuesdays

 Since this little blog started as a scrapbooking adventure for my wedding, I have decided to actually follow through and share a little about my wedding on Tuesdays! Today of Course being the first one!

My wedding was one big DIY wedding day! From my veil and hairpiece, to the decor and even the dessert buffet! Today I will start with the seating arrangements! I purchased 3 corkboards, tacs,  frame holders, a couple of white lanterns, rhinestones and both black and cream cardstock. And came up with this entry for our dinning area. Each card of course had the name and table number!  I made a sign, "Please Find your Seat" and placed it on the table to help direct the guests! Next Tuesday I will show you my DIY table numbers!


  1. oh my goodness! remember how many times we went into michaels?! haha!

  2. Everything was beautiful!