Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy 5 on Friday

Happy 5 on Friday!

1. At just 6 days old we had Madelyn's newborn photos taken. I am in love with them. 

2. I am trying to learn and learn quickly that life is not about accomplishing "tasks" and keeping a clean house. These things are nearly impossible at this stage in life. I used to have time to make a to do list and actually put some check marks not that list...

 3. I am loving my "E" and "M" bangles that my husband got me for Christmas. 

4. One random day this week we headed up to the mountains for a little sledding. This boy was in love.  Last week Southern California got snow all around, but the mountains got quite a bit. Even though it had warmed up to 55 degrees, the snow was still everywhere! Perfect sledding conditions.

5. This meal is amazing! I pinned it and have made it twice. One of the reviews said to add a fried egg on top…and I did! I've made it for the whole family and everyone agrees! It is not too involved and I love me a good pesto pasta any day of the week. 


  1. Those newborn pics, just breathtaking! What a beautiful family you have!!! The biggest congrats to you all!

  2. all those photos of my beautiful niece and nephew make me so happy! and that pasta, oh so yummy!!!!

  3. The newborn pictures turned out amazing!! What a beautiful way to capture such a sweet moment. Found your blog on the link up
    Chelsea @

  4. Those photos are just beautiful! Congrats on your new addition!