Friday, October 18, 2013

Pumpkin Pickin'

When we were in Chatham, MA last weekend we walked around and spotted a pumpkin patch a the local church (which we went to last year too). After giving pumpkins hugs and crawling all over them he settled for a mis-shaped mini pumpkin!

It was so nice to visit and do all the "fall" things that us in Southern California crave, but don't quite get! Playing with the pumpkins was a fun way to end our shopping, walking around, and hot coco drinking day in Chatham. 
Last year we visited the same pumpkin patch. Easton slept during the experience since he was just a wee 8 week old!


  1. gosh that face just kills me! he is so much fun =)

  2. Great pictures from the pumpkin patch! Fall is best on the east coast!