Friday, December 28, 2012

Babies first Christmas

My favorite picture from Christmas morning

It's is amazing how quickly Christmas comes and goes. Every year I tell myself I will start and more importantly end by shopping early and yet again this did not happen! I ran out on Christmas Eve to pick up a couple of items and I am glad I did. It is always nice when you feel good about the gift you are giving. I am sad that Easton's first Christmas has already passed us by but we sure have some great memories! As our family sat together on Christmas watching Easton and entertaining him (or was he entertaining us?) we asked, "What did we do before Easton?". As if he consumes our every moment...honestly I think he does.

Easton got a couple of gifts from friends and family, which he will definitely enjoy! He has already used every gift. He got two wonderful personalized books, bath toys, a couple of outfits, Scout the teddy bear, a jumperoo, some toys and babies first bible. I want to make sure that I teach him the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate. It is not all about gifts and cookies and Santa. I want him to be thankful for what he has and enjoy the time spent with family.

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  1. I love that photo! It was so fun waking up with him Christmas morning, can't wait for all the Christmas' to come and to see him get excited for Santa to come :)